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Milwaukee Bucks Looses In A Blowout To Cyber!

The Milwaukee Bucks have joined the inevitable long list of firms that have suffered an information security breach. Most recently, their systems were compromised and all NBA player information, tax information and whatever else they could get their hands on were exfiltrated from their facility. Keep in mind that NBA players receive large amounts of dollars to play basketball.

What the NBA is lacking besides going younger of referees is an information security plan and a Chief Security Officer, not an IT guy. The teams are so myopically focused on ticket sales, concessions and winning championships that their focus does not rest on protecting their valuable commodity. We have said this time and time again that EVERY company in the world needs / should have an internal or third party information security person or team. This will ensure all assets are protected along with personal identifiable information of players, executives, employees and consumers that purchase their product or service online.

In conclusion, while we have zeroed our focus on the Bucks, this strategy should be deployed to ALL sports as the hackers will soon realize how vulnerable each entity is and begin to exploit those vulnerabilities.

Here is a tip for future NBA stars to consider when they are vetting their NBA choices; has this team been compromised and how will they keep my identity and data safe.

For more information or assistance, please contact us!

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