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The proliferation of regulations are quite complex and while most organizations desire to comply, they simply do not have the internal experience to translate the mandates into action items that can benefit, service and protect the business. The Advisory Chief Security Officer Service leverages the experience of a security team at a fraction of the cost to the business resulting is Day 1 cost savings and strategic cyber defense. 

In today's environment with the proliferation of regulations in every industry, it is impossible for organizations to achieve compliance, secure their critical assets and remain a step ahead of the nefarious individuals who mean to do their business harm. Another issue companies face is hiring the wrong individual/s along with the cost of creating an Information Security Department in the organization.


With the A-CSO service, organizations will gain an instant security presence at a faction of the cost to create and advance your Information Security Management Program, increase revenue, pass audits and instill confidence that your assets and people are protected. 

Risks can accumulate over time and in order to remediate risks, it requires companies to create an ongoing security budget. However, before creating a security budget, this requires organizations to hire a security staff. Hiring full time executives and staff can become quite costly and could exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition to hiring staff, firms are also at risk of hiring unqualified individuals. 


With the A-CSO service, organizations save dollars by engaging with a security team for a fraction of the cost. With the immediate savings of dollars, companies can apply residual cash to create a security budget and appropriate dollars back into the overall corporate budget. 

Every organization aligns with a regulatory mandate whether they are aware or not and some organizations are aligned with dual regulatory mandates. Regulatory fines are assigned at the state and regulatory level and the fines can equate to more than the business can output financially. Some regulatories are PCI DSS, ISO, FISMA, GLBA, FERPA, HIPAA and so forth. 


Ensuring compliance not only protects internal employees and customer data, it also allows business partners to feel confident that you are taking the necessary steps in order to protect data. Compliance also increases profitability as third parties and customers only desire to conduct business with compliant businesses. Compliance is not a hindrance, it is a necessity. 

- Fractional cost savings

- Experienced executive team

- Regulatory Compliance

- Deploy safeguards for global assets

- Mergers & Acquisitions

- Security Advisory

- Fractional cost for fractional needs


Cyber Protection
Cost Savings
Value Yielding

A Chief Security Officer has the challenge of securing all segments of the business ranging from IT, legal, privacy, compliance, risk, governance and many more. 

The CSO guides the organziation toward regulatory compliance and positions the business to defend against technical and non technical threats. One of the most dangerous threats to businessess today is the governance of the third party vendor and ensuring they are following correct security protocols throughout their business to essentially protect the data of the first party. 


Your customers are doing their part in taking part in a firms core products and services. While the customer engages with firms, there is information that is taken from them in order to enhance their experience. The customer is entrusting firms to hold up their end of the bargain and protect their identities during this enchange.



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