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The regulations for healthcare entities are quite complex and while most healthcare companies are prime targets for hackers, the government does not make exceptions on business size, all firms must comply. 

The Healthcare Industry has done a complete 180 since 9/23/2013 when the Department of Health and Human Services enforced strict penalties for non-compliance. 


Every healthcare provider from small businesses to enterprise hospitals must comply with the strict Information Security guidelines as they house tons of "Protected Health Information", Financial Information and Personal Identifiable Information. While this industry has never experienced strict regulation, the experts at The Knox Corps can implement a secure Information Security Management Program in your organization that will be built to withstand the barrage of audits to come in the near-term. 




Healthcare entities are under what is called, dual compliance. Dual compliance is when an entity must comply with multiple regulatory mandates.


The two regulatory mandates are:


PCI DSS - Mostly all healtchcare entities allow patients to pay by way of credit card which aligns those entities with PCI DSS. While an organization can be fined for violating HIPAA mandates, they also can be fined for violating cardholder protection mandates. 


HIPAA - Information Security is not descressionary, it is mandatory and entities should treat ir in that manner. Protect the data of your patient and emplyees by contact a Knox professional. 

Regulatory and Frameworks

Regulatory fines can get to be very complex when equating risks to dollars. At times, the total cost for a breach might exceed to what the business is worth. Regulators mandate that fines are received 30 days after their initial report. 

Breaches lead to reputational damage that equate to losses and eventually the non-existence of your business. Hackers are not your only  enemies, your competitor could be an enemy. 


It is time to protect your business and the identities of your customers, contact Knox!

Next Steps

1. Seek a Risk Assessment of the practice that cover the multiple regulatories. 


2. Assign an experienced Security Officer.


3. Seek Board involvement and investment.


4. Prioritize risk by numbers and impact to the practice. 


5. Implement a security framework consistent with policies and procedures. 


6. Contact The Knox Corps to plan and execture the identification and remediation of risk today!


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