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While information technology does not account for global security in an organization, however, it certainly makes up about 40 percent of the overall responsibilities and risk. Applying security and audit practices into today's technology is paramount for the integrity and confidentiality of your data.  

Network Advisory:



_Intrusion Prevention Systems

_Routing (EIGRP, BGP, OSPF...)




_Port Security

Information Technolog Audit:


- HIPAA IT Auditing and Policy Development

- PCI DSS GAP Assessment audit and remediation planning

- Disaster Recovery IT Audit

- SEC audit and policy management

- Developing a strategy to deal with the most serious potential problems while adhering to availability standards.


- Qualified advisors

- Strategic Solutions

- Increased efficiency for fractional cost 

- Quality metrics


IT Audit
Value Yielding
Networking and Routing

Information Technology should not be governed by how long a resource has remained "available", there are other values that should govern information technology.


"Uptime" does not equate to security and while a resource (mail, web servers...) may be available, this does not mean the resource is protecting the data of internal and external customers. 

Information Technology and Information Security should not be treated as a combined effort as the two initiatives are focused on different missions.


Usefuls tools such as IT frameworks should be strategically implemented to govern the solution long before a solution is requisitioned. This strategy along with auditing will ensure your solutions are available and secure. 

Encryption Endpoint Protection

- Server Endpoint Protection

- Laptop/Desktop Endpoint Protection

- Security Email Encryption

- Hard disk and remote resource encryption



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