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Below are some of the common causes of data breaches in America:


1. Lack of a qualified CSO

2. Weak Passwords

3. Third Party Vendors


The choices above do not outline a comprehensive security plan for a set organization. The above selection represents some causes of breaches. Companies should not look to strategize information security based on published causes of breaches in the media.




1. Lack of a CSO - Most companies do not have a solid presence representing Information Security matters. .Without a qualified Chief Security Officer in the organization, no one will be able to assess risk properly and design strategizes around advanced threats.


2. Weak Passwords - Passwords will forever be the anchor that causes organizations to secure their environments unsuccessful. Passwords are the weakest link in the security chain and smart strategizes should be developed for the development of strong/complex passwords.


3. Third Party Vendors - Vendors have led to the demise of some of the largest companies in the world. Enforcing security on third party vendors will ensure risk does not transfer to your environment.


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