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Small Business Cyber Struggles Exist!

As the underworld of hacking and data exfiltration continues to cripple the government and larger institutions, small businesses should beware of similar threats. Small businesses are faced with securing their data at the same level of a larger firm but with less capital. The nefarious individuals have focused their efforts downstream to smaller businesses because they understand the capital constraints.

Many small businesses wonder how can they afford a Chief Security Officer to secure their data. The average salary of a CSO lands around $220k and this cost is far too much for a small business. Small businesses should look to outsource their information security matters to a qualified firm. The same as placing a lawyer on retainer via the outsourced model is the exact strategy that should be followed for an outsourced Chief Security Officer.

Your Advisory Chief Officer will create your policies/procedures, audit third parties and IT while outlining the information security roadmap to position your firm more securely in today’s cyber war zone; without it, you are gambling the lives of your employees and your business.

The Knox Corps will be speaking on these matters and strategies at the Central Jersey Think Tank on March 29th from 8-10:30am. For more information, please contact us!

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