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SUU offers a new Masters degree program!

SUU offers a new Masters degree program!

Southern Utah University recently announced a new masters of science in cyber security beginning in the spring of 2016. The program is set for learners who aspire to gain knowledge on information security and for those who are looking to expand upon their current knowledge set. The program will address cyber defense, breach notifications, technical security and many more.

I believe this program will yield great results in educating the community and to ensure educated individuals are in this critical space. Companies rely on the Chief Security Officer to protect their assets and this person should have advanced learning or a massive amount of real experience at the C-level.

We look for more schools to adopt security into their programs in the upcoming years. I addition, firms should look to employees and contractors to either have a massive amount of experience and/or a higher level of education in the security space.

Knox’s methodology is ECF. ECF represents Experience, Credentials and Former Executives as we believe in order to secure a firm, one must possess these attributes. At Knox, our Advisory CSO’s are well equipped with the “ECF” standard.

For further information, please contact The Knox Corps.

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