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Vulnerabilities in SmartTV’s

Today’s market has an influx of smart devices that were traditionally used in the past for one purpose, to play television shows. Today’s “Internet of Things” surrounds stoves, televisions, refrigerators, etcetera and converts these appliances into internet ready resources. Once purchased, these devices are delivered to the user’s home and easily placed on the internet via the user’s home network.

The devices are programmed for application use and automatically assume that all connected devices are trusted. That being said, any device that is connected to the Internet, can be accessed from the Internet. In addition to being an exposed object on the Internet, the application is also vulnerability to known exploits. The devices will remain open to the exploits until the device manufacturers update the security on the device or update the application on a frequently time basis.

With this shortcoming a known problem a television or an oven could potentially lead to your data being captured by a nefarious party. Until the device manufacturer designs the applications with security in mind and update the security to known vulnerabilities, home owners should purchase these devices with extreme caution.

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