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Cyber Disclosure Act requires Board to have a Cyber expert!

Board experts are very concerned with the Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2015 which requires publicly traded organizations to disclose in their investor filings with the SEC whether any member of the Board is a cyber security expert. This is a game changer as the government is aiming to ensure these entities are taking cyber matters seriously.

90 percent of the companies in the world do not have a cyber expert on their Board or even in their workforce. The mandatory reporting of this fact will expose lots of companies as not having security matters as an important item. Some companies may loose investors and their stock price might be affected.

Companies must take security seriously and allow us to act on Boards and make critical decisions to protect the company and new endeavors. Security improves profitability, investor relations, keeps regulators of your back and many more. With that being said, what is the objection or why are their objections and resistance?

To take the next steps, please contact The Knox Corps!

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