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Yellowstone County Jail Improves Physical Controls!

The Yellowstone County Jail invested a few million dollars into improving the physical security of their facility. They upgraded their cameras and door locking mechanisms to be electronic rather than using keys and locks.

These improvements will aid to their security program, however, once an entity decides to go “digital”, they must ensure all other aspects of security are above board. For example, moving to an electronic /digital locking mechanism requires firewalls, servers, monitoring and alerting to be governed tightly to ensure a hacker does not have the ability to unlock doors and adjust camera positions and footage.

Often times, a gift can be a curse and increase a firm’s risk posture. Anytime a firm upgrades a section of their business to digital, this requires an overall oversight to identify other factors that may be impacted. That is the job of the Chief Security Officer; to be aware of the firm’s direction and advise and plan accordingly to ensure the new strategy does not increase or create risk.

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