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Beware of Credit Card Scams!

As the Banks gravitate to the new mandates of chip technology, so have the nefarious hackers and scammers. Banks have begun distributing the newer debit and credit cards that are equipped with the chip technology to their users. However, with a small percentage of citizens actually receiving their new cards, this has created a huge window for fraud.

Fraudsters are sending out fake emails pretending to be credit card issuers telling people they need to update their account by sending a response confirming personal information or clicking on a link in order to get an upgraded card. The scammers will utilize this information to steal the consumer’s identity, and clicking on the link will install malware and compromise the pc, laptop or even networks.

Your card issuer will not contact you by email or phone to confirm your personal identifiable information for which they already have. If you are uncertain of an “institution” connecting with you, simply phone your bank’s corporate number listed on the back of your credit or debit card.

For more information, please contact Knox...

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