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Trump Hotels Confirms A Data Breach!

Today, the hotels of Donald Trump reported a data breach that could have compromised the credit card data and identities of customers in six of their hotels that range from the United States and abroad. The targeted system has been identified as the point of sale systems utilized to process payments for consumers. The data range of the compromised locations range from May 2014 to June 2015 for facilities located in Chicago, Honolulu, New York and Toronto; Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas; Trump National Doral in Miami; and Trump SoHo New York. The Trump chain has posted the breach on their website and are offering identity services for the affected victims of the breach. Some experts believe this breach is linked to the Hilton Hotels breach that was reported a few days prior. Little information has been released as Trump Hotels are still working with the police to determine the scale of the breach. We do know the hackers encrypted the data on exit, so it will be very difficult for forensics to determine which data was removed.

Time and time again companies exude an enormous amount of hubris in believing their systems are up to date and they will not be targeted. Everyone at some point will succumb to a breach, however, they must have triple defenses, an information security management program and capable staff. If your staff is “long in the tooth”, it may be time to refresh those aged strategies with more robust strategies and personnel.

The hacks will continue and while firms are trying not to spend money on security, they end up affecting all consumers who take part in their products or services. It is time for a change!

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