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MIT Receives an "F" For Their Security Posture!

MIT, one of the most prestigious and recognized schools of higher learning in the world is not displaying strength or creativity in their security posture. In a recent study, MIT fell short in many information security segments and does not have an information security management system to protect the students, employees, intellectual property and more.

This comes as a surprise, however, one cannot judge the security posture of a firm blindly by their economic status or position in the world. I am certain this information comes as an embarrassment to MIT and they will take swift action in bringing in a qualified firm to guide their security posture from an “F” to an “A”!

While the imagination can run wild as to the data they house and the amount of financial information that is not protected adequately, we are only concerned with one thought; “you cannot judge a firm’s security posture based on their economic status, size or position in the world”.

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