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Vehicles Being Breached Could Lead To Greater Issues!

Jeep Cherokee's vehicle line was recently compromised by a team of hackers that were able to take control over the vehicles control system. Once breached, the individuals were able to control the air conditioning, lights, navigation system and more importantly, disengaging the vehicles transmission system making the vehicle unable to operate. The hackers were able to perform these tasks while at a remote location a few miles from the vehicle. Most vehicles have a controller area network bus (CAN) installed in them to perform remote manageability. These systems are quite prehistoric and are due for an upgrade, but most car makers will decline to improve unless a competitor enters the market with a more secure solution. So while locking/unlocking your vehicle along with other remote capabilities are nice to have, remember, not only you may have the capability of accessing your vehicle.

Some vehicle makers are conducting recalls in other to patch vulnerabilities, but patching a system is not enough. Advanced networks in corporations are equipped with firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, malware protection and many more, so our cars must be equipped with the same type of protections in order to protect car drivers. The Internet of things improve our lives in many aspects, however, they also introduce great risk.

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