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Formula 1 Drivers are Fearful of Hackers Taking Control of Their Race-cars!

Formula 1 managers are concerned about hackers breaking into Formula 1 cars because the racecar’s are equipped with an onboard computer. Any resource that has connectivity to the Internet and can be remotely managed, can be assessed by nefarious individuals.

Imaging the danger a driver could potentially face if a hacker were to take control of his racecar. Not only can the hackers harm the driver, they can impact the race in favor of themselves or the interests of others. The concept of securing vehicles may sound unfamiliar, but do not look at the car as a vehicle, look at the racecar as a computer that travels very fast.

The internet is controlling the way we do things and while it makes tasks easier, it also introduces a large amount of risk into the initiative. Security should be everywhere, not only in corporate America.

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