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Cybersecurity Gains Higher Profile Among Chief Financial Officers!

A new report by Deloitte shows how important cyber security risks really are at the board room level, as the nation's top financial executives expressed their concerns about how security risks could impact their companies' bottom lines.

FINALLY this important aspect of the business is making its' way up to the Board room. It only took billions of dollars to be exfiltrated globally to raise the eyebrows of decision makers. Having a separate information security department is paramount to the existence of a business and while this may seem like new news today, these issues have been plaguing America many years ago. The difference between then and now is that firms never reported breaches in the past, they swept in under the carpet. Nowadays with the fines and spotlight at the forefront, companies can no longer hide this important fact. While many firms may turn a cold shoulder to regulation and fines, it is the fines that keep companies true and loyal in protecting all of our information.

Now, since we know what we are up against, how do firms equip themselves to protect their businesses and profit from security?

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