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KNOX partners with cyber insurance leader, ECBM!

While CSO's can secure businesses and remediate risk, all risks cannot be remediated at the same time. So while strategies are being deeveloped to align the business with regulatory requirements, cyber insurance is required to protect the business in the event a breach were to take place. The Knox and ECBM leaders are myoptically focused in securing the assets of a business and have joined to extend quality value-needed services that make a differnce.

ECBM Insurance Brokers and Consultants, located outside of Philadelphia, is now offering a cyber insurance product that offers the most comprehensive coverage for the best price on the market. Underwritten by an A-rated carrier, virtually all expenses associated with a security breach are covered by this policy, including government fines and penalties. At an average cost of over $200 per record, it's no wonder that over 60% of businesses fail in the wake of a cyber attack. ECBM has created this cyber insurance product to give your company the peace of mind that these costs and fines won't financially devastate your bottom line.

For more information and to begin securing your business, contact us!

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