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"The Data is Yours to Protect"

Real-time Business Strategies


Businesses must know if they can survive if faced with a disaster. A business without an effective plan can most certainly surmise that probability their survival if faced with a disaster is minimum. Knox Corp understands your challenges and want to work with your executive team to structure a plan that works.

Value Yielding


The value of a business continuity and disaster revovery strategy is to ensure the business remains operation and profitable in the event of a disaster. While disasters have plagued many businesses, Knox ensure strategic practices are followed in order to maintain operability. 

Regulatory Experts


Knox Corp has professionals adept in the BC/DR space whom have all worked for Fortune 500 organizations. Designing, planning and testing is the best strategic approach that can be taken toward maintaining operability for the business.


The expertise and insight of our security advisors is trusted by today’s leading organizations, including:


Principal – Corporate Council


Financial, Legal & Insurance Sector

Size: Large


The Knox Corps has in-depth knowledge in all major industries and has been a tremendous partner by adding value and security strategies to ALL referred clients.


We look forward to future engagements, enrichment and a continued long standing partnership.



Chief Executive Officer


Legal Industry

Size: Medium


The Knox Corps has proven experience in the Information Security space and has strategically aligned my business to meet regulatory standards while exceeding client expectations. The advisory chief security officer service has saved my firm time and capital as it is refreshing to know that someone has my business assets safeguarded.  


Chief Compliance Officer


Healthcare Sector

Size: Large


The Knox Corps has educated our doctors, accountants and staff on all requirements set forth by HHS to meet Meaningful Use requirements and PCI Requirements. Our practice was in danger of many breaches and after going through their risk assessment and ongoing services, the practice is in a stable state for us to concentrate on servicing our patients. 



Why Choose The Knox Corp?


The Knox Corps believes strongly in the E.C.F factor which represents Experience, Credentials and Former Executives. Too many times have we come across companies proclaiming to be experts in the Information Security space while lacking actual experience as a C-level participant. Not only did they lack the senior level experience, they didn't have a blended set of credentials and did not have the experience to go along with what they were boasting. At The Knox Corp, our mantra is in order to be a solid advisor in this space, you must possess the big three, Experience, Credentials and Former Executive (E.C.F).

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