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Law firms possess an enormous amount of data ranging from personal identifiable information to data related to a specific regulatory rule. Large institutions and federal agencies are mandating that law firms upgrade their approach to data security, privacy and transport. Before potential clients accept an agreement to begin services, they are concerned with the handling of data within the law firm, and if the firm shares such data with third parties, data transport also becomes a point of concern. The legal industry is one of the most complex industries because a law firm can house data that contains financial,healthcare, credit card, and other identifiable business and personal information, US privacy and more. Given the sensitive nature of this information, firms are required to secure and protect this data carefully and the required protections may vary based on the client’s specific industry. Another dimension to legal information security is the proliferation of mobile devices, applications, emails, servers and other digital tools and systems which transmit, receive, and store sensitive information Risks can originate from a variety of sources (technology, people, process, physical, intellectual property). Therefore, the appropriate first step in risk management is risk identification, via a process known as the Risk Assessment. The Risk Assessment is an assessment of the entire organization, not a specific department, location or subsidiary. By assessing the organization as a whole, the security roadmap can be constructed to support organizational business objectives while minimizing risk exposure to organizational assets.



Regulatory matters are quite complex, however, not having the knowledge of which regulatory standards one must comply with

is considered willful neglect. Partner with The Knox Corps to remediate risks in your firm and improve business credibility and

profitability by adequately securing your global assets.


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