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Most organizations do not understand how to deal with a disaster until the disaster strikes. In New York city, many firms were left motionless after certain attacks crippled our infrastructure. This financial firm wanted to have a plan to categorize critical assets so strategic plans could be created to avoid a disaster. 



Executing a disaster recovery plan is not a simple process and the plannig and execution continues throughout the lifetime of the business. Disaster recovery planning consists of all faucets of the business ranging from information technology, cold - hot sites, operational failover, communication and many more. All segments are included in the planning and must be test to ensure the efficiency of the plan. Knox conducted multiple test in order to ensure accurate. Such test consisted of table top testing and live testing and sign-ff. Information technology is also included in ths plan and the security team of Knox continues to work with the teams to ensure the systems not only are available, but they are secure. 



During the disaster recovery phase, Knox was able test strategies in segments throughout the business to inject a culture of winning, recovery and security. The client now realizes that security encompassess all aspects of the business and is considered first to know before any business strategy is devised. 


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