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Most organizations do not understand how to deal with a disaster until the disaster strikes. In New York city, a number of firms were left motionless after certain attacks crippled our infrastructure.



Knox carefully conducted a business impact assessment which included identifying all risks to the business. Such risks included environmental risks, physical, people, applications and the ability for a site to recover. Without assessing these business risks proactively, the result would have rendered the business powerless in the event of a disaster. The need for a disaster recovery plan was outlined in the impact assessment along with identifying a secondary physical site to run operations, staffing, procurement, identification, notifications, et cetera. 



During the business impact assessment phase, Knox was able to remediate some high business risks and began to strategy a life for the business in the event a disaster were to cripple the firm. The client was very pleased and confident that in the event of a disaster, the firm can operate and handle assets to full capacity. 

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